Austria and the whole world

Always in search of new shores: Eurotours lives up to its company motto. From the company headquarters next to the picturesque Schwarzsee in Kitzbühel, Eurotours and its more than 350 employees market holidays in Austria and travel throughout the world. 1900 distribution partners in 70 countries, more than 2500 hotel partners and 4000 further suppliers, branch offices and representatives from Italy to India: since it was founded almost four decades ago, as a one-stop shop Eurotours has been putting together various services to create particularly attractive travel packages and sells these via distribution partners – for example via HOFER REISEN or Tchibo, or through its own brand, JUST AWAY, in Germany.

“We have grown to become a real expert in online tourism. This means we can offer customised solutions which really please our partners and set new trends in direct sales.”

Helga Freund, Managing Director, Eurotours

A strong partner in tourism

Eurotours, the largest incoming agency in Austria, is an important pillar of the domestic tourist industry: the majority of holidaymakers in Austria are booked through Eurotours. Professionalism and customer satisfaction are not just taken for granted – the success lies in the company’s history: founded as a family-run company, the team at Eurotours appreciate the values of a family business and therefore always have their fingers on the pulse of the Austrian leisure industry.

Always in search of new trends

To be innovative means to be able to recognise new trends – or, even better, to be a trendsetter oneself. Concepts which today are a matter of course, e.g. the first bonus card for tourists, a package price for families or the first all-inclusive idea in the leisure hotel industry in the Alps, were developed by Eurotours. Technical innovation is also a key issue at Eurotours: many international tour operators have recognised the advantages which the technical solutions combined with Eurotours’ expertise in tourism offer and are now connected via an interface. Non-interface clients can book individual packages through the Eurotours B2B booking platform.