Jumbo Touristik


When faraway places call

To experience something special: that is what Jumbo Touristik is all about. To drive around in an old-timer through Havana, to travel to the Himalayas in the Maharajah Train or to sail through the Caribbean on a luxury cruise: we concentrate on long-distance travel and study tours. Our promise: we create extraordinary experiences for our customers, which they will remember all their life. The variety of travel routes, selected hotels and the experienced tour escorts make our tailor-made tours special.

A very large niche player

Jumbo offers selected long-distance, cruise and study trips to more than 190 countries. We feel at home in the Indian Ocean, in the Middle East, in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America. Travel to distant lands begins with the perfect preparation. We support our customers at every point in their checklist. They can always rely on the experience and expertise of the market leader. Whether visas, vaccinations or travel insurance: our specialised team is perfectly equipped for every eventuality.


“A holiday paradise in a faraway destination has a kind of magic. Jumbo, as a competent partner, is here to offer advice and support to ensure that our customers can enjoy their dream holiday to the full.”

Walter Krahl, Managing Director Ruefa

Travel dreams come true with Jumbo

From A like Aruba to Z like Zambia: we help our customers to realise their long-cherished travel dreams. Jumbo’s guided study tours mean that expeditions to distant countries are perfectly organised experiences. Whether a private tour around the world, an expedition to the last untouched areas on the map or even a dream wedding on a lonely island in the South Pacific – Jumbo is the ideal partner when it comes to high-quality travel with that special touch.