Serving the environment

We want to minimise the impact of our hotels on the environment. We are therefore launching numerous initiatives: this starts with waste reduction to the installation of E-car charging stations for guests in several Austria Trend Hotels. We focus on environmental-friendly purchasing, economical energy and water consumption and consistent waste separation. Our commitment is already showing effect: five Austria Trend Hotels and the three Verkehrsbüro Group campsites in Vienna have been awarded the Austrian Eco-Label for Companies in Tourism.

New paths

Environmentally and socially responsible tourism away from the masses, an authentic encounter with the host country: the Verkehrsbüro Group is looking for ways off the trodden paths. We therefore offer hiking, trekking and expeditions not only to classic destinations, but also to Russia, La Réunion, Mauritius, Africa and Nepal. These trips are carried out in small groups with their own personal escort. To ensure that the local population also benefits from  the guests’ expenses, accommodation is in small, privately run hotels and mountain huts.