Our values

We are always a reliable partner.  Because decades of success and market leadership are not something which should be taken for granted. Our mission statement is based on proximity to the customer and professional customer advice.  We always have our finger on the pulse of time and constantly renew our activities – because a company that stands still is sure to fall behind. However being an innovative leader also means assuming responsibility: at every step we take towards the future, we strive to maintain the highest quality of service and to further improve our excellent standards of quality.

We are there for our employees

We know that the key to our lasting success lies in our 3000 employees. They receive excellent training in the approximately 200 seminars of the Verkehrsbüro Academy which are geared towards both professional and personal development. The Verkehrsbüro Group is the only company in Austria which has a certification programme for travel consultants. The most important knowledge and qualifications for the job as travel consultant are taught in specialised seminars. The spectrum ranges from destination training to travel law, from sales seminars to personality development. The compatibility of job and family is also an integral part of our company philosophy – the state certificate for family friendliness, awarded by the Ministry for Families, is proof of that.

We stand for sustainability

We do our best to keep the impact of the hotel industry on the environment to a minimum. Five Austria Trend Hotels, as well as our three campsites in Vienna, have already been awarded the Austrian Eco-Label for Companies in Tourism as a result of their environmental-friendly operation processes. Male and female equality in the workplace is also part of a sustainable economy. We can also report important successes here, even up to management level: 50 percent of the Verkehrsbüro Group executives are women.